Friday, February 08, 2008

The Latest Philippine Scandal

The senate ZTE investigations on television brings us back again to face the grim reality of the sad state of the Filipino nation.

It makes us face the institutionalized corruption that still plagues our nation. It illustrates how, in their wanton desparation, leaders can throw the rules of law out the window. And hence our basic indifference to the law and to government.

In the theater of politics too we see; how learned men all, pawns and bishops alike, scamper and scheme to push their own agendas. Asking us to be discerning. Critically listening to the slow chiseling of the truth. May the truth finally be freed, and hence also set us, free. Free from the baggage of the thick skinned crocodiles who corrupt our sense of right and wrong.

I can't stop watching it, because it makes compelling viewing, the morality tale playing out. The necessary purgation by our showing up a mirror to our ills. And yet I am jaded still, amazed how it just seems to go on, the trial of corruption/temptation by power theme that keeps rearing its ugly head. The heroic braveries, the coy politiking. The stoic tiredness of the people numbed already by the endless re-runs.